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Since 1979, the principal advisers at Whiston Asset Management have been servicing high net worth individuals throughout the world in managing, creating and protecting their wealth.

 In working with your Whiston Asset Management Group Investment Advisor, you will have access to a team of highly trained professionals from across all aspects of your financial future.  Whiston Advisers brings together organizations that are extraordinary as stand-alone entities, but combined these organizations comprise an enterprise that is virtually unmatched in its breadth and depth of resources to serve you.

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Trust Company of America 

7103 So Revere Parkway, Denver CO 80212
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Trust Company of America serves the institutional investment community with a full complement of custody and technologically advanced back office services designed to improve trading and operational efficiencies and enhance client relationships.Ranging from complete custody services to our state-of-the-art integrated managed strategies trading platform, our smart, customizable, and scalable offerings allow investment advisors to more effectively manage and build their business.

Since 1972, we’ve been a truly independent service provider, helping asset managers of all sizes safeguard holdings, efficiently manage client accounts, analyze assets, process trades and strategies, monitor investments, and streamline the transaction process.  Focused almost entirely on the institutional market, Trust Company does not offer investment advice, research, or its own investment products. As a result, we do not compete with our investment advisor clients for business.Instead, by delivering product leadership, emphasizing high-touch service, and providing innovative tools such as our integrated managed strategies trading platform, Trust Company partners with advisors, streamlining the processing side of their business. Member FDIC.