Principal Biography

 Congressional Committee Business Advisory Council 
"2003 Businesswoman of the Year"
Ms. Whiston, is the Founder and Principal of Whiston Asset Management Group, a Registered Investment Advisor.  She also serves as the Senior Economic Advisor for Whiston Global Advisors, an independent Insurance services and consulting firm.  Stephanie Whiston has been the firm's Registered Principal  since 1999.

   Since  1979, Ms. Whiston has been in Private Wealth Manager for Individual,  Custodian, Trust and Retirement Pension Plans at such prestigious firms  as Oppenheimer, Bear Stearns, Smith Barney and Citigroup.  Ms. Whiston joined Asset Management Group , in 1997 as a Senior Vice President.  Prior Ms. Whiston served as a Vice President and Portfolio Manager with Oppenheimer. Her 40 years in the industry includes extensive travel to over 50 countries working throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, Pacific Rim and Latin America.  

  Ms. Whiston was selected by the Congressional Committee Business Advisory Council as the "2003 Businesswoman of the Year."  and as an Honorary Chairman for 2004.


   Ms. Whiston has assisted in teaching Finance classes at NYU, School of Business, lectured at the Graduate School at Trinity College in Dublin, as well as taught "Financial Planning" at Manhattan Marymount.


   Ms. Whiston is a community activist and has served on the Board of Directors for: European American Chamber of Commerce, as an Alternate Director for Ireland, East Manhattan Chamber of CommerceProject Children, the Emerald Isle Immigration Center, Lenbrook Condominiums, 179 East 78 St Corp, Stepping Stones, Pelican Resort & Casino in St. Maarten DWI.  She also served as a member of the St Vincent de Ferrer Finance and Investment Committee in the NY Archdiocese.  Ms. Whiston was Treasurer of Montauk Ladies Auxiliary, and a supporter of Special Olympics.  

Since 1993, Stephanie has been an active scuba diver and underwater photographer.  Her ocean advocacy project is called "Oceans Matter", a registered trademark. In 2013 Stephanie Founded the Marine Education Foundation  LLC,  using "her artistry as an instrument for change", and to share her  passion for Underwater Photography. It is a Marine Life conservation project that promotes ocean literacy.  Her exploration of the seas, promoting marine education and conservation has earned her prestigious membership in The Explorers Club.  

A native of Ireland, Ms. Whiston received a Master's and Bachelors degree in International Finance and Economics from New York University and an Associates in Business Administration at NCC.  She also completed her post graduate studies at the Center on European Community Law and International Antitrust at Fordham Law School.