Managed Portfolio's

"PROTECTING Capital and Creating WEALTH"

Whiston Asset Management recognizes that, whatever your investment profile, objectives or time line, every successful investment strategy begins with a personalized wealth plan. 

We are focused on reliable asset growth and capital preservation.   We are using various asset classes including domestic and foreign Equities, bonds, gold, silver, and real estate. Which have provided us with a lower beta with less volatility and downside risk in the long term.

The primary purpose of providing various portfolio models is to provide clients with a variety of managed risk for income and growth of principal depending on their time horizon and risk tolerance.

"investing in the right place at the right time"

    * Conservative Income
    * Moderate Growth
    * Growth & Income
    * Maximum Equity
    * Sectors & Trends
    * Tax Free Income
    * Tax Deferred Growth

Retirement Income Planning is based upon the accumulated assets and pensions and are individualized through our planning process. 

College Planning Life Insurance and annuity cash values are not counted for Financial Aid such as Grants and Scholarships.

Completing the Estate Planning process requires legal documents that need to be prepared by a licensed attorney.