Letter from President

"Protecting Capital and Creating Wealth"

Thank you for selecting Whiston Asset Management Group.  We are a focused Registered Investment Advisory firm committed to providing state-of-the-art, institutional-based investment services to each of our clients.

Whiston Advisors Managed Portfolios provide our investors with a program in which their assets are professionally managed by an experienced team of money managers selected from among the nation's leading investment institutions.

In an effort to protect capital and create wealth, successful institutional investors have always followed a simple investment strategy:  

  I. Establish written objectives.

  II. Diversify investments to protect capital and create income.

 III. Hire the best money management .   

 IV. Monitor investment results.

This institutional method of investing has remained unchanged for years, yet the expense of following this proven philosophy has prevented many smaller investors from deriving its financial benefits.  In addition, access to top-quality money managers is usually limited to investors with multi-million dollar accounts.

Whiston Advisors Managed Portfolio's are designed to give all investors the same advantages and access to professional management.

Whether your goals are protecting wealth, rolling over your retirement plan, setting up retirement income, or just saving for retirement, funding your child's education or purchasing a home, I hope you will decide to let us help you reach your financial objectives.

We look forward to working with you in the future,


Stephanie C. Whiston
Registered Principal & Senior Economic Advisor