Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Whiston Asset Management Managed Portfolio's?

Whiston Advisors Managed Portfolios are tailored upon the clients investment objectives.  Your financial advisor will establish a portfolio of stocks, bonds, etf's, mutual funds or tax deferred annuities to help you achieve your goals by diversifying your investments and allocating them among the appropriate asset classes. Whiston Advisors will monitor your investment progress and make the necessary adjustments to rebalance your portfolio's or change money managers to meet the changing economic and financial markets.

What strategies do WAMG Managed Portfolios employ?

Research has consistently shown that asset allocation is the most important factor in determining a portfolio's total return.  Whiston Advisors focus' on selecting the expertise of nationally recognized institutional money managers who invest for some of the nation's largest corporations and pension funds.  Access to these top-quality managers is usually limited to very large multi-million dollar accounts.  Our research is independent and unbias.

How is performance measured?

To monitor your progress Trust Company of America will provide you with a customized quarterly-consolidated statement.  You also have 24 hour online access to your account.  Performance is measured against the appropriate indexes.  Every year your investment advisor will meet with you personally in order to review ongoing performance and to restate objectives.  Whiston Advisors will also provide a Schedule of Gains and Losses for all of your taxable accounts.  This report provides you with IRS Schedule B and D information which will save you accountant fees.

What authority does Whiston Advisors have over my portfolio?

Whiston Advisors authority over the accounts is limited to effecting changes in the portfolios.  WAMG selects the sub-accounts from a database of over 28,000 managed funds, stocks, ETF's, and Bonds.  WAMG has no authority to withdraw or transfer funds without the written consent of the portfolio holder.  The client signs an Advisor Management Agreement which includes a Limited Power of Attorney.

Am I locked into Whiston Advisor Managed Portfolio's?

NO, you may cancel the Whiston Advisor service at any time in writing by certified mail.  Your portfolio will be charged for the portion of the current quarter for which Whiston Advisors has custody of the assets at the custodian.  Termination fees will apply.  Annuity products are used for tax deferred long term plans and can be subject to redemption fees or tax penalties separately imposed by the insurance companies.

Will all trades be profitable?

NO, Whiston Advisors cannot guarantee results, and there may be times when losses can occur in our attempt to avoid larger losses.  However, we believe that the asset allocation diversity strategy can minimize your investment risk.  A three-year commitment is suggested to allow for various market conditions, economic changes and business cycles.

Are Whiston Advisors Managed Portfolios suitable for Retirement Plans?

YES, Stocks, Bonds, ETF's Mutual Funds and Variable Annuities are suitable investments for IRA's, SEP's, SIMPLE's, 401K's, 403(b)(7)'s, Profit Sharing Plans, Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans, and Keogh's.

Employers act as Fiduciaries and may be relieved of liability from losses under ERISA Section 404c as long as they "educate employees about risks associated with investing".  Stockbrokers and Insurance Agents do not meet these requirements, however as a Registered Investment Advisor Whiston Advisors can assist you with this process, because we can accept that Fiduciary Responsibility.


Is there a minimum account size? 

YES, the minimum account size is $10,000,000.  Arrangements may be made for other amounts.

What are the WAMG management fees?

All fees are charged quarterly in arrears.  Fees apply to as long as the assets are at the custodian.