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About Us

"A well Diversified Portfolio is the Foundation of Success"

Whiston Asset Management is a Registered Investment Advisor, with over 35 years of experience specializing in Global Wealth Management.  Servicing the individual financial needs of investors worldwide.  We are a Fee Based Money Management firm focused on Asset Allocation.  As an Independent Financial and Insurance services company, we are better able to service the individual, and business needs of our global customers without conflicts of interests.  

Meeting all of your Financial needs...
      *Fee Based Money Managers
      *Retirement Planning & Pension Rollovers
      *Estate, Charitable & Gift Planning
      *Individual & Group Life & Health Insurance 
      *Stocks, Bonds, ETF's, Funds, and Annuities
      *Cash Management: Free checking and ATM cards
      *Financial & Business Analysis, Executive Services
      *Corporate Asset based Funding

As Global Wealth Managers we focus on knowing our customers and meeting with each one individually.  We are focused on giving you the client access to professional money management and investment choices needed to deliver the customized services to meet your investment objectives.  We are a company that takes the time to
understand each customer's long-term investment and insurance needs.  

We are in the business of offering long-term savings solutions and diversified retirement income products.  A company that can manage each clients risk tolerance by putting together customized products and services. Retirement Plan sponsors can depend on us to maintain ERISA 404c Rule Compliance.

We are a company who believes it is our job to stay current with market trends and economic changes and our obligation to know our customers.  At Whiston Advisors, we use independent research, select the best managers, and use the latest technology.  We follow a clear-cut, stream lined flexible structure for decision-making.

Together with our affiliated companies, we offer a complete line of investment, cash management and risk management products, funding and solutions.   Whiston Advisors is a company that is easy to do business with.  

We are a company that gives you direct access to your portfolio manager.  
A company that is accessible worldwide: anywhere, anytime, through a variety of channels, including telephone, wireless texting, Internet, e-mail.

Let us share the confidence and convenience of working with the professionals at Whiston Advisors

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